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Cold Weather Tips

Cold Weather Tips

Cold weather can mean big trouble for water pipes. In order to avoid the problem of defrosting frozen pipes or the repair costs and cleanup hassle when frozen pipes break, Piedmont recommends taking the following precautions:

• Drip outside faucets (about 5 drops per minute)

• Open under-sink cabinet doors

• If your washing machine is in an unheated room, disconnect both the hot and cold water lines and place both in the drain pipe behind the washing machine. Drip both faucets at about 5 drips per minute.

• Let water drip slowly from inside faucets.

• Wrap any exposed pipes located outside or in unheated areas, particularly if they have frozen in the past.

• Know where your water shutoff valve is located. If You Are Going To Be Away

• Shut off water to the home.

• Or leave heating on a low setting and open cabinet doors under sinks