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Pressure Reducing Valves


Piedmont Water Company recommends that homeowners check to make sure they have a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) installed.

A PRV is designed to keep water pressure to a manageable level for your home plumbing system in order to prevent leaks and breaks caused by pressure fluctuations in the water distribution system. In most cases the original builder should have installed a PRV, however if this is not the case, it is the current owner’s responsibility to install the PRV. If your pressure exceeds 80 PSI and you currently have a PRV installed, the PRV may require adjustment, maintenance or replacement.

Below is a list of most frequently asked questions regarding water pressure and PRV’ s. If you should have further questions, please contact our customer service representatives at (800) 248-7689.

Where is my PRV located?

Since these valves are installed and maintained by the builder or property owner, Piedmont Water Company will not know exactly where your PRV is located. They are most commonly installed in the ground near your water meter box or in the basement/crawlspace near where the water line enters the home.

Where can I purchase a Pressure Reducing Valve?

PRV’s can be found at any plumbing or building supply store. If the unit you purchase does not have a pressure gauge, you should also purchase a pressure gauge to check that the PRV is functioning properly.

What water pressure should my PRV should be set?

Most units are pre-set by the manufacturer, but if the PRV you purchased does not already come preset, use the pressure gauge to set it to a recommended 60 psi (pounds per square inch).

Who will install the PRV I have purchased?

In some cases you can install the PRV yourself; however, you will most likely need to hire a plumber to do it for you.

How do I check to ensure my PRV is working properly?

You can check this by going to any outside faucet of your home and hooking up a pressure gauge to the spigot. Once you turn on the water, if the gauge reads greater or less than the psi your unit has been set to, it is not working properly.

What will happen if discover I have over 80 psi and I don’t install a PRV?

Un-regulated water pressure can cause:

• Plumbing joints to leak

• Washing machine hoses to break

• Damage to appliances (hot water heaters, dish washers etc)