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How long does it take to repair a leak in PWC’s lines?
It is important to us that leaks are repaired as quickly as possible. Before repairing a leak, we must contact the Utilities Protection Center and request that all utilities serving the area come and mark the location of their in-ground facilities. This is a matter of safety for our crews and a requirement of the law. Once we have requested the locates, we must wait 72 hours to allow each company to mark their lines. Another factor that impacts when a leak is repaired is the overall work load and prioritization of jobs for our maintenance crews.

Any leak with sufficient volume to disrupt service, damage property, or cause other problems will be treated as an emergency and will be repaired as quickly as possible, using provisions for emergency locates through the UPC.


How to check for a leak in your home plumbing system.
Often customers are not aware they can check for water leaks using the water meter at their home or business. All newer water meters have a triangular leak indicator on the meter face. The leak indicator is designed to reveal extremely low water flow.

How to use the leak detection indicator on the water meter:

  • 1) Be sure that all water faucets and other water using equipment in the house are off.
  • 2) Locate the water meter. It will be either in the front of the property, or in the back if an alley is present. Most new meters are in the front near the sidewalk or curb. The meter will be in a plastic box with a lid on it.
  • 3) Remove the meter box lid and find the face of the water meter. Depending on the meter brand, the leak detection indicator may be white, silver, black, orange, or red. It’s location on the meter face can vary. Click here for an example.
  • 4) If the triangle is showing any movement at all, a leak may exist. You may have to watch the leak indicator for several minutes. Customers with automatic pool fillers or evaporation coolers need to check and see if these devices are running water during the leak check.
  • 5) The leak indicator only reveals leaks that have a flow when no other water is being used in the piping. Water leaks can still exist in landscape irrigation systems and other water using devices when they are operating. These devices should be checked for proper operation when running.


Does Piedmont Water offer a leak credit if I’ve had a leak?
Effective May 1, 2018, Piedmont Water Company’s Leak Credit Policy was replaced with a Loss Protection Program. Details are available on the Leak Protection Page.


Will a leak in the water main, or on the water company’s service lateral, affect my usage?
No, a leak on the PWC side of the meter will not affect the usage registering on your meter. Water must flow through a meter to register. If there is a leak on our side of the meter, the water will flow out of the line at that point and is not able to flow through your meter.


Will Piedmont fix a leak on my side of the meter?
No, Piedmont Water Company personnel are not authorized to repair a customer’s service line. Please contact a plumber if you need a repair done to your service line. For information on line responsibility, click here.