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Annual Consumer Confidence Reports


Consumer Confidence Reports

Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) are required for every public water system as outlined in the Federal and State Safe Water Drinking Acts.  These reports are due no later than July 1st each year, and cover the previous calendar year’s test results.  We organize the CCRs by county and water system name.  Often, the water system name and the subdivision name are the same.  However, in our larger systems there are multiple subdivisions comprising a water system.  If you are uncertain as to which CCR applies to you, email or call us so that we can guide you to the correct CCR.

Current Consumer Confidence Reports

To find the Consumer Confidence Report for your water system, click on the county name, then choose your water system. 

Past Consumer Confidence Reports

To view past reports, select the desired year, then choose your county and water system.

Keyword Search for Consumer Confidence Reports

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