Wastewater Information

What is wastewater and where is the service offered?

Simply put, wastewater is another name for sewer. Piedmont Water currently has sewer service available in limited areas in following communities:

  • Reynolds Plantation
  • Cuscowilla
  • Marina Bay at Lake Lanier

Within the Del Web at Lake Oconee and Reynolds Landing developments, sewer service is available to currently existing phases.

We also have sewer service available along the Highway 44 corridor in north Putnam County, and southern Greene County. Please contact our Customer Service Department if you have questions about sewer availability at a particular location.

About Low Pressure Sewer Systems

Most of the sewer systems operated by Piedmont Water Company are Low Pressure Systems (LPS), although we do have some gravity within our existing systems. Most people are familiar with gravity based sewer systems, where no special equipment is required to connect a building to the sewer system. In an LPS, each building has a pump that takes the waste from the structure, grinds it to a slurry, then pumps the waste into the collection system under pressure. For our systems, the E/One grinder pump, manufactured by the E/One Corporation, is the designated pump.

About your grinder pump.
Your grinder pump is an integral part of an LPS. In fact, the entire LPS is built around the capabilities of the selected pump. Installation of a different pump may result in sewerage back-ups in your home.