About Grinder Pumps
Your grinder pump is an integral part of the overall sewer system. In fact, the entire low pressure sewer system is built around the capabilities of the selected pump. Installation of a different pump may result in sewerage back-ups in your home. As stated above, Piedmont uses a pump designed by E/One Corporation in its sewer collection systems. Here are some key facts to keep in mind about your grinder pump:

  • - Plastic or rubber of any kind.
  • - Cigarette butts.
  • - Greases and cooking oils of all types.
  • - Coffee grounds, egg shells, seafood shells or similar abrasive items.
  • - Excessive amounts of non-dissolving tissue paper or paper towels.
  • - Cat litter.
  • - Cloth of any kind.
  • - Human or pet hair.
  • - Paint thinners or petroleum based products/distillates.
  • - Lubrication oils or greases.

Leaving your home for a few weeks?
The E/one pump in your home is designed to be low-maintenance unit. However, it is important to recognize that this is a submersible pump that needs to be rotated on a periodic basis. There are two reasons for this. First, the seals need to maintain proper lubrication to keep moisture out of the motor cavity. This is typical of all pumps. If the pump sits with out rotating, the seals can dry out and allow moisture to bypass the seal and enter the motor cavity, causing corrosion and electrical shorting. Second, the bearings in any piece of rotating equipment must be rotated. If a motor sits for extended periods of time, the bearings will actually crease the races causing a condition known as “flat spotting”. This will cause the bearings to seize up, and the added friction can cause the pump motor overheat and fail.

If you plan on being away from your home for more than 2 weeks, the pump manufacturer recommends performing the following procedure:

  • 1. Run clean water into the unit until the pump activates.
  • 2. Once the pump activates, immediately turn off the water and let the pump run until it shuts off completely.
  • 3. DO NOT DISCONNECT the power for the pump.

Please note that this procedure may not be sufficient to preserve the pump if the home is to be unoccupied for an extended period (in excess of three months.)