Irrigation Meters

Separate meters for irrigation systems are available. In order to obtain an irrigation meter, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-248-7689. A second meter should only be considered for homes that are on the central sewer system and that will have adequate irrigation needs to be cost-effective. All irrigation meters will be subject to a Water Tap Fee, payable upon installation of the meter, and all associated monthly water fees. PWC has developed an Irrigation Comparison Spreadsheet for use in determining if a second meter is right for you.

Water Impact Fees & Sewer Impact Fees

Water and Sewer Impact fees (also known as "tap" fees) are a means of recouping a portion of the up-front investments, made by the system owner, to build the water and sewer systems. These fees are typically charged at the time the billing account is established and are payable upon receipt of the bill.

Grinder Pumps

We recieve many questions in relation to grinder pumps. Once installed, these pumps are an appurtenance to the home and their on-going maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner. The grinder pump is an integral part of a low pressure sewer system (LPS.) In fact, the entire LPS is built around the capabilities of the selected pump. Installation of a different pump may result in sewerage back-ups in the home.

In the Lake Oconee and Lake Lanier areas, PWC utilizes grinder pumps built by Eone corporation. The entire low-pressure sewer system's hydraulic design is predicated on the pumping capacity of the e/one grinder pump.

In order to improve the ordering and installation process, we have created an E/One Installation process for your use. A link to download the file is to your right. We hope this helps clarify the roles and responsibilities for both you and PWC.

Wastewater Service
Simply put, wastewater is another name for sewer. Piedmont Water Company operates four sewer treatment plants and several community septic systems throughout North Georgia.